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Solar Screen ShadesSolar screen shades are part of the family of roller shade products and are a great option when you want to treat your windows without blocking the view.

Although there are a variety of styles and materials, there are basically two types of solar screen shades. The first type are the dark colored fabrics. The second being light colored fabrics.

All solar screen shades provide glare control, heat control, light management, UV protection and view through. The type of fabric you select will determine how well it performs in these areas.

Dark colored solar screen shades are better for glare control and view through. Light colored solar screen shades tend to be superior in heat control.

While some solar screen shades can provide a good amount of daytime privacy, we do not recommend them for applications requiring night time privacy.

They are very popular in restaurants, office buildings and other commercial spaces, but can be used in a residential setting as well.

At Blue Ridge Blinds, we offer…

  • …solar screen shades in a wide assortment of colors and “openness” factors.
  • …shades up to 120″ in width.
  • …optional cassette box enclosures.
  • …optional cordless and motorization lift systems
  • …professional measuring and installation of your window treatments.

All of our shades are manufactured to your exact window dimensions and are guaranteed to fit.

If you’d like to learn more about the products we offer, or if you’d like to schedule a complimentary product consultation, please call us or use our contact form to send us a message.

Image courtesy of iosphere at FreeDigitalPhotos.net